What is the Swedish Statement?
Swedish Statement is a cooperation between five Swedish high end manufacturers who together presents one of the most spectacular two channel audio systems ever.

The History
The history behind the Swedish Statement is quite simple. Sweden has a long tradition of producing hifi-equipment, there are producers like Stig Carlsson/Sonab, QLN, Response and Air Tangent.


But after a few decades in relatively calmness and a development in the two channel market that constantly force the producers from smaller countries to go internationally, some of the younger high-end companies in Sweden (Bladelius Design Group, Jorma Design, Marten, Nordic Concept and WOO Design) decides to do the Swedish Statement project together.

Basically this project is five high end producers putting their statement products in one of the worlds finest audio systems.


The Goal
The goal with this project is to put Swedish high end audio on the world map and maybe inspire other Swedish producers to take the step to go internationally. The Swedish Statement project's goal is also to show the world which extreme high level Swedish high end can achieve today.

Design: Blue Monkey Ltd, Photography: Ulf Celander
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